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  • Who prefer o read books on smartphones/tablet - welcome! The mobile app has been launced.

    08 Sep in 16:45


  • The book is finished! 

    The 13th chapter of Book #3: "The mystery of dark forest" has been published. 

    P.S.: will be on Amazon soon

    05 Jul in 12:14


  • Added a new chapter! 

    You can read it on the mobile app too (not just on the web-site). Who prefer to read books on the smartphone/ipad - welcome! 

    24 Jun in 12:38


  • The 9th chapter of Book #3: "The mystery of dark forest" has been published. Enjoy it!


    Find more fresh news in our FB group.

    11 May in 11:37


  • Interview for Magic Dome Books Blog:


    MDB: Why gaming? What prompted you to dream up a virtual world?
    VM: My love for computer games decided my choice of writing genre.

    19 Apr in 11:56


  • The 8th chapter of "The Way of the Shaman. Book #3" is on the web-site. 5 chapters for the translation left.
    Enjoy reading!

    15 Apr in 10:54