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Way of the Shaman


Advisor – A very powerful NPC, one of the four Advisors to the Malabar Emperor. Their Kartoss counterparts are Masters. [Book 2]

Agility – one of the initial four primary stats, important for classes like Hunters and Rogues.

Almis – A retired human shaman trainer based in Farstead, Kornik’s apprentice and Geranika’s former teacher. Likes good tea. [Book 2]

Altimeda – {-to be expanded-} [Book 4]

Anastaria (Stacey) – Co-leader of the Phoenix clan. Level 300+ Paladin, author of many Dungeon Walk-throughs and head of her clan’s Analytical Department. A well-known celebrity and winner of numerous beauty contests in Barliona. {-to be expanded-} [Book 2]

Anhurs – The Capital of the Malabar Empire, the location of the Emperor’s Palace and the biggest city on the continent Kal'ragon [Book 2]

Attractiveness - a character stat that determines the attitude of any particular NPC towards the player.

Avtondil (see Clouter)

Aarenoxitolikus (see Renox)

Beatwick – A distant village in the Krong province where Mahan was sent to serve his ‘adjustment period’. At a certain point becomes the focus of world-changing events.[Book 2]

Barliona – The name of the World-Government-supported Virtual Reality Game in not-too-distant future where Mahan has been sentenced to serve 8 years at a mining prison colony, permanently logged in by confinement inside a prisoner capsule. It is a vast fantasy-themed world with many millions of players spread across several in-game continents that loosely mirror Earth’s continents. It is intricately designed with a great degree of realism and run with the aid of complex programs called Intellect Imitators that control NPCs and other aspects of the game. {-to be expanded-}

Beth (see Elizabeth)

Borhg Goldhand - one of the legendary Dwarf Warriors depicted in the Karmadont Chess Set, the one who helped set his race on the path of Master Craftsmen. [Book 2]

Buff - a positive temporary effect applied to a character by a friendly source, usually giving a boost to stats and skills.

Cartography – a secondary Sprofession that Mahan picks up in Farstead, allowing him to draw and copy maps, produce scrolls and boost his Intellect in the process. [Book 2].

Charisma – one of the four additional primary stats, which determines leadership abilities, inter-personal skills, success with getting liked and being given quests by NPCs. [Book 1]

Clouter (Avtondil) – Son of Elizabeth and Theodore, the disappeared Headman of Beatwick. Human boy of about 7. [Book 2].

Clutzer – Human Rogue and fellow prisoner, first encountered by Mahan at the Dolma Mine. He joined Mahan’s raid group that completed the Mushu Dungeon, coming up with the plan of how to down the last Boss and earn the First Kill Achievement. [Book 1].

Cooking – a secondary profession that enables the player character to produce food and drink, which usually give him beneficial buffs, useful in crafting, combat and other activities. [Book 1]

Cursed Chess Pieces of Balance - Chess pieces crafted by Mahan in the lands near Farstead from the cursed materials mined near there. The chess pieces were based on the top players in the Phoenix and Dark Legion clans and were bound to them, obliging the clan leaders to hold regular chess games with subsequent buffs/debuffs for winners/losers. [Book 2]

Crafting – One of the extra four main stats that becomes unlocked for Mahan during his time in the mine for prisoners; adds bonuses and special abilities to most crafted items. A highly sought after and rare stat, which is very difficult to level up in. [Book 1]

Debuff – a negative or debilitating effect, usually applied to the player character by a hostile mob or action.

Draco – a young dragon reincarnated as Mahan’s Totem. [Book 2]

Dragons – An ancient and extremely powerful elder race in Barliona, that are said to have left this world for their own dimension many generations ago. Though so few have ever seen them that until the events in Book 2 they are considered just a legend, most NPCs innately seem to hold them in deep awe and reverence. {-to be expanded-} [Book 1]

The Dark Legion Clan (Number Twos) – the second top clan in Malabar after Phoenix (until Book 3), headed by Plinto in name and by Evolett in actual fact. [Book 2].

Dark Lord of Kartoss – The ultimate power and the head of the Dark Empire of Kartoss, residing in his castle inside the Nameless City. Immediately served by four Masters and twenty Magisters as his top officials.[Book 2]

Dolma Mine – this is the Mine to which Mahan volunteers to go and mine Malachite and where he meets up with fellow prisoners and future raid/clan members Eric, Leite and Clutzer. [Book 1].

Ehkiller the Invisible – Gnome Mage (level 200+) – Shadow leader of the Phoenix Clan. Anastaria’s father and probably Evolett’s brother. [Book 2]

Evolett - Human Priest (level 200+) – Shadow Leader of the Dark Legion Clan. [Book 2]

Elizabeth (Beth) – The wife of Theodore, the disappeared Headman of Beatwick. Also the High Priestess of Eluna. [Book 2]

Eluna the Light-bearer – the High Goddess of Barliona’s pantheon. [Book 2]

The Emperor of Malabar – the ultimate power and the head of the Malabar Empire, residing in the Palace in Anhurs. Immediately served by four Advisors and twenty Heralds as his top officials. Audiences with him and access to parts of his Palace are greatly sought after by most players, who are often prepared to pay crazy money for this. [Book 1]

Eric – a Dwarf Warrior and fellow prisoner, first encountered by Mahan at the Dolma Mine. He played the role of a Tank in Mahan’s raid group that completed the Mushu Dungeon, earning the First Kill Achievement. [Book 1].

Eye of the Black Widow – A unique and very exclusive quest-starting treasure that dropped for Mahan in the Mushu Dungeon. Starts a quest aimed at preventing the possible return of the Tarantula Lords for players of level 100 and above. [Book 2]

Farstead – A town in the Krong province of Malabar. About 2 days’ ride away from the village of Beatwick. [Book 2]

First Kill Achievement – A special Achievement earned by those who were the first to successfully go through a new Dungeon, granting impressive bonuses to those who earned it and also to the clan they happen to be a member of. {-to be expanded-} [Book 1]

Free Lands – vast tracts of unexplored terrain of the continent not controlled either by Malabar or Kartoss empires, containing many mysteries and reassures. [Book 2]

Full Immersion Capsule - {-to be expanded-} [Book 1]

Geranika – a Dark Shaman who is out on the path for world domination, killing off other shamans, but would also go for Dark Lords and Emperors if given a chance. [Book 2]

Greed Toad – an inner personification of Mahan’s greed; gets worked up if he’s being generous or has to spends too much money. [Book 1]

Hellfire – Dwarf Warrior, (level 300+). The official co-leader of the Phoenix clan. [Book 2]

Hoarding Hamster - an inner personification of Mahan’s hoarding and ‘acquisition of treasure’ instinct. Gets excited whenever there is a whiff of good loot in the air. [Book 1]

Intellect – one of the initial four primary stats, important for classes like Mages, Priests and Shamans. Determines the amount of available mana and mana regeneration. [Book 1]

Jewelcraft – the Main Profession that gets given to Shaman Mahan on character creation in this prison capsule. Allows the crafting of jewellery, precious stones and sometimes unique objects. [Book 1]

Karmadont – The wise legendary Emperor and founder of the Malabar Empire. The creator of the original Karmadont Chess Set. Many important moments of Barliona’s pre-history is tied to this character. [Book 1]

The Karmadont Chess Set - the Legendary Chess Set of Emperor Karmadont, the founder of the Malabar Empire. Mahan started its recreation by crafting the Malachite Orc Warrior Figurines while at the Pryke mine. {-to be expanded-} [Book 1]

Kart – human Warrior, level 10, a fellow prisoner whom Mahan befriended at the Pryke Mine and who got Mahan’s Red Headband paid off after getting out of the game. [Book 1]

Karachun - a human warrior and fellow prisoner first encountered by Mahan at the Dolma Mine. He was sent for respawn before he could join the rest of Mahan’s raid group at the Mushu Dungeon, but because he was not removed from the group, he still earned the First Kill Achievement. [Book 1].

Kartoss – The Dark Empire ruled by the Dark Lord. The counterpart and rival of the Malabar Empire, from where heroes would often raid it for treasure and resources. There has been a long-standing campaign for its races and factions to be opened up to players, something that eventually happens at the end of the ‘Kartoss Gambit’. {to be expanded} [Book 2]

Kornik – An old Goblin Harbinger Shaman. At one point the teacher of Prontho and Almis. Mahan is his current apprentice. A quirky character that likes to get Mahan to figure out things for himself. A friend of Renox. [Book 2]

Krong Province – One of the Provinces of Malabar Empire bordering the Free Lands; contains the Town of Farstead and the village of Beatwick. Since the events in Book 2 most of it had largely ended up under Kartoss control.

Leite - a human warrior and fellow prisoner, first encountered by Mahan at the Dolma Mine. He joined in Mahan’s raid group that completed the Mushu Dungeon, earning the First Kill Achievement. [Book 1].

Mabel (see Patricia and Mabel)

Malabar Empire – Initially the largest and most prominent power on the continent, ruled by the Emperor from his Palace in Anhurs. [Book 2].

Magisters – The twenty high-ranking officials in Kartoss, serving under Masters and the Dark Lord. A Kartoss equivalent of a Malabar Herald. [Book 2]

Marina – the girl who was the initiator of the ill-conceived bet that landed Mahan in prison. (Also see Mirida). [Book 1]

Masters – The four top-ranking officials serving the Dark Lord of Kartoss. Advisor is his equivalent in the Malabar Empire. [Book 2]

Midal – A Great Priest of Elune who headed a special mission from Malabar into the Free Lands to recover one of the Tears of Eluna some years ago. His disappearance along with everyone else on the mission is a mystery that Mahan must solve. [Book 3].

Mirida – A level 93 Elf Hunter that has been trying to seek out Mahan for some time. Her pet is a tiger by the name of ‘Fluffy’. (Also see Marina). [Book 2]

Mushu Dungeon – a dungeon located in the Dolma Mine, which Mahan completed with fellow prisoner players Eric, Clutzer and Leite, earning them all the First Kill Achievement. [Book 1].

Nameless City – The Capital of the Dark Empire of Kartoss and home of the Dark Lord’s Castle. [Book 2]

Naahti – Vagren Mage (level 450+), former Headman of Beatwick, former Master of Kartoss, current Emperor of Malabar [Book 2].

NPC (Non-Player Character) – persons, monsters and other various characters found within the Game that are controlled by Intellect Imitators. Under the right circumstances they may provide players with quests, including global or chain quests, information and general social interaction. They are programmed in a very realistic way, with quirks, motives and personalities.

Orc Warrior Chess Pieces – part of the Legendary Karmadont Chess Set, crafted by Mahan from Malachite while he was at the Pryke Mine. The figurines represent orc Heroes of legend and are particularly coveted by Anastaria and the Phoenix clan. [Book 1]

Patricia and Mabel – two old ladies in Farstead that kept sending Mahan on the cyclical ‘social’ letter-delivering quest, but, since they were Swiftbel’s sisters, also gave him clues for finding the Dragon Scroll that lead to the world of Dragons. [Book 2]

Prontho – An Orc High Shaman, at one time Kornik’s apprentice. Exiled Shaman trainer and Governor of the Pryke Mine. One of Mahan’s quests is to find out the real circumstances behind his exile. [Book 1].

Plinto – Human Rogue, Level – around 300. At one time the official head of the Dark Legion clan, makes a show of being an unhinged character with violent tendencies. [Book 2].

PK – ‘player killer’.

Pryke Copper Mine – located in the Serrest province of the Malabar Empire; was the place where Mahan was initially sent to serve his sentence. [Book 1]

Red Headband – a visible sign of a player being a convict, resulting in reduced friendliness and reputation with all factions. [Book 1]

Regul – Vagren (level 450+), former Advisor to the Malabar Emperor after defecting from Kartoss, current Dark Lord of Kartoss. Naahti’s estranged son. [Book 2]

Renox (Aarenoxitolikus) A great green Dragon; the leader of Dragons who has a special connection with Shamans on account of attempts to reincarnate his dead son. Like the rest of the Dragons, has withdrawn from Barliona to a different world. [Book 2]

Reputation – this is a measure of friendliness and trust (or hostility and mistrust) with every encountered faction. Positive reputation includes : Friendly, Respect, Esteemed, and Exalted; negative reputation includes: Mistrust, Dislike, Enmity and Hatred.

Reptilis Y’allgotohellis – a Kobold Assassin, level 40. A hard core player playing a very difficult race and having plans for revenge on those whose actions brought him to doing this; ends up making some mutually beneficial deals with Mahan after initially trying to assassinate him. [Book 2]

Rick Deadeye – a high-ranking Master Craftsman of the Phoenix clan. [Book 2]

Serrest Province – Location of the Pryke Copper Mine. Mahan has the reputation of Hatred with it after refusing to go work for its Governor. [Book 1]

Shiam – the head of the Shaman Council and Geranika’s elder brother. Probably with the help of foul play he defeated Prontho in a duel for the council leadership and made him an exile. [Book 2]

Slate – the former blacksmith in the village of Beatwick. Is a strong tall man and Tisha’s betrothed; gruff, but good-hearted, likes poetry; is also a werebear. [Book 2]

Stamina - one of the initial four primary stats, important for all classes, as it determines the number of Hit Points for the player character.

Strength – one of the initial four primary stats, important for Warriors, Paladins and other melee fighters.

Stone of Light – A powerful relic of Light that is used by the priests of Eluna in their fight against forces of darkness. Elizabeth asks Mahan to find one of these that went missing with Midal’s expedition. [Book 3]

Swiftbel – A High Shaman, who disguised himself as a travelling Merchant. A friend of Aarenoxitolikus the Dragon and brother to Patricia and Mabel from Farstead. Mahan first hears of him when he is sent on a quest to find his Treasure guarded by a Woodwothe. [Book 2]

Tears of Eluna – Legendary relics of great power. A mere rumour of one being sighted in a particular region of the Free Lands led to a large expedition of priests of Eluna going to search for it and subsequently disappearing. {to be expanded} [Book 3]

Tarantula Lords – A powerful and cruel race that once ruled the world of Barliona - that age was filled with so much misery and horror that, after the Tarantulas disappeared, the surviving younger races tried their best to forget that time. The Eye of the Black Widow that dropped as loot for Mahan in Mushu Dungeon starts a quest aimed at preventing the possible return of the Tarantula Lords. [Book 2]

Tisha (Tiliasha) – Vagren (level 100+) Daughter of Naahti and sister to Regul; is in a relationship with Slate, the former blacksmith of Beatwick. [Book 2]

Thricinians – a faction made of an otherworldly race that sells unique and scaling items in Anhurs, for huge amounts of money. Increasing reputation with them (gaining bonuses and discounts to shopping with them) is considered very difficult. [Book 2]

Undigit - Head of the Azure Dragons clan. [Book 2].

Vlast – the god of wine and drinking in Barliona. Beatwick had a temple dedicated to him ran by a plump-looking priest. [Book 2]

Woodwothe – A mythical forest creature with an appearance of a levitating hairy ball and considerable magical powers; was compelled to guard Swiftbel’s treasure in the middle of a bog many years ago. [Book 2].

Yalininka Silverwing – human healer, a legendary hero from Barliona’s history respected and honoured by all the races. [Book 1]